Do I need a CPA?

A CPA ensures businesses have accurate financial statements and tax returns, saving them time and valuable resources. For individuals, CPAs help navigate the complexities of multiple investments, real estate ventures, and operating a business. We help you maximize your tax savings and run your business efficiently.

How much do you cost?

Our prices are fair and competitive with other CPAs. Engagements are structured either as fixed fee or based on an hourly rate.

What services do you provide?

Click here to see descriptions of our most popular services.

What is the difference between a CPA and an accountant?

To become a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, in Kentucky, a person must complete 150 credit hours in college (with 27 of those hours having an accounting emphasis) and pass all 4 parts of the CPA Exam.

Who is your perfect client?

Our perfect client is any business or an individual needing assistance with their accounting or income taxes.

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